Artist sculpts nose, glues on curly beard and recreates a memorable Fidel Castro for his Halloween costume. [File images below.]

NSA has been tracking his metadata ever since!!!

NSA’s official spokesperson, who must remain anonymous, released this statement from the Agency’s DC operations center: “No threat is too small.”

The statement failed to identify whether Martin or Castro was the smaller threat.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

OK, what you just read is fiction, except for sculpted nose and Castro Halloween costume parts . . . at least I think the rest is fiction. I am getting a lot of phone calls from random numbers and locations. Hmmm . . . . .

Since you are already here, perhaps you’d like to stay and see some of my recent works–both sculptures and paintings. There are 19 new pieces displayed throughout the site. The list below will help you sort through what is new from my existing body of work  . . .  and you can get a Sneak Peak at a couple of water sculptures/fountains for spring. (To the right are a couple of photos I snapped in the past few weeks.)

This post’s Featured Work is a commission piece called The Penguin (Dec 2013). It is made of forged steel that was then treated in a bronzing process.  Click here for the slideshow of how The Penguin came to be.

New Paintings–located in Painting Gallery can be viewed individually below:

Paris Flat (Feb 2013) oil pastel

More Hay Bales (Aug 2013) oil on canvas

White Pines (Aug 2013) oil on canvas

Sunflowers (Dec 2013-reworked) oil on canvas

‘Meet the Dogs’ and other wire sculptures 

Meet the Dogs  steel and copper wire

Joy, steel wire 

Dragonfly, stainless steel

Miscellaneous metal and other sculptures

Butterfly, bronze with patina

Entropy, stainless steel

Figure and Sphere, forged steel

Time, steel

Get Well Sculpture, stainless steel

Thin Man, forged steel

Prophet’s Hand, forged and bronzed steel–reworked from earlier version

Sneak Peaks at New Patio Fountains for Spring

Thanks very much for your interest in my work.  When I get some more completed, you’ll be the first to know.

Best regards, Tom Martin

December 2013


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