News Report on New Works

Recently, I entered a juried exhibition at the New Hope Arts Center [New Hope PA]. My entry was titled, Fish, a stainless steel work with inlaid brass.  Fish was selected among the Top Ten Works by the curator evaluating the work on the basis of its “…worthiness for presentation to the New York art scene.”  Ms. Ellen Bradshaw, President of the New York-based Pleiades Gallery in Chelsea is the curator of the show.

A series of three exhibitions will be presented to the artists whose work was selected among the Top Ten. The Opening Reception of these shows is Saturday, September 6 in New Hope PA. (I’ll be there so come on by.) This first show runs through September 28. Following that, each of the Top Ten artists will present multiple works at an exhibit at New Hope Arts Center early in 2015. The exhibition series will culminate with an installation of the Top Ten artists’ work at Ms. Bradshaw’s Pleiades Gallery in Chelsea. Timing TBD.

Other New Work in 2014

In addition to the Fish, many of my new sculptures likewise revolve around a marine theme including the works: Desert Island, Out of the Blue, Penguins and Sailboat. (See all new sculptures below.)

Also, in 2014 I painted oil and oil pastels and sketched. My works range from oil studies in perspective (Sunny Side Up and Moonlight on the Farmhouse); to practice of the velatura technique (Willows in the Mist) and finally to oil pastel practice in Paris this past spring (Jardin du Luxembourg).  (During our trip to France, we toured and tasted the wines of the Bordeaux region chateau pictured to the right.)

New Sculptures and New Paintings are listed below and can be viewed by clicking here: 

Fish, stainless steel with inlaid brass (8x16x42) [Jul 2014]

Desert Island, steel and copper on aluminum base (18x18x20) [Jun 2014]

Out of the Blue, stainless steel on cedar (18x20x45) [May 2014]

Penguins, stainless steel (6x6x8) [Jun 2014]

Sailboat, redwood (4x6x6) [Aug 2014]

Dogs’ Empathy, steel dog on left (4x24x30) [May 2014]

Tribute to a Cedar, cedar wood (30x36x46) [Aug 2014]

New Paintings, etc. 

Sunny Side Up, oil on canvas (16×20) [Mar 2014]

Moonlight on the Farmhouse, oil on canvas (11×16) [Mar 2014]

Willows in the Mist, oil on canvas (16×20) [Jan 2014]

Jardin du Luxembourg, oil pastel on paper (9×12) [May 2014]

Red Umbrella, oil imprimatur (11×16) [Jan 2014]

Rosa La Rouge, pen and ink and oil (after Toulouse-Lautrec) (14×28) [Feb 2014]

French Peasant Fowl, pen and ink (9×12) [Jan 2014]

Thanks for your interest in my work and I will keep you apprised of future work and exhibitions.

Best, Tom Martin





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