The Old Orchard (Nov 2012)

This rising belly of land I find wonderfully enchanting. I’ve driven by it dozens of times en route to visit my 94-year-old father.  The scene is located about five miles from my home.

The day I painted this picture was not particularly hospitable. Although sunny, it was windy and got progressively colder.  Near the end of this plein air session, a cold, light rain began to fall. I was freezing and getting numb all over, especially my palette hand which also held my reserve brushes. My fingers cramped from the cold.

The long handles of the reserve brushes I held slowly twisted around from my hand’s cramping motion. Unbeknownst to me, the brush handles came to rest on my palette in a rather large, rich mound of Phthalo blue oil paint. (Don’t you just love the names of oils?!) When I switched brushes, I got a nice slippery blue-green surprise in my right hand. My painting smock still bears the marks of this day! But it was a good day and here is the result of my efforts.

The Old Orchard (11/2012)

The Old Orchard (11/2012)

Next, and not far from this old orchard, lies one of my favorite back roads called Lucky Hill Road.  My interpretation of Lucky Hill Road and can be seen by clicking here.  

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