. . . in the studio

November 2015

I am contemplating more focus on dancer bodies, shapes and forms.  The dancer’s form allows one to explore both a sculptural form (the pose assumed) and the human body (of the dancer assuming the pose).

Currently, in the studio I am attracted to a hero, Henri Matisse, and have prepared these two preliminary works as an homage to him. Ultimately, I hope to create a free-standing, stainless steel sculpture in this general design and shape. Click here to see Homage to Matisse — sketch and maquette.

Earlier in this post you saw the results of my renewed focus on the dancer with Stainless Steel Dancer.  Other dancer-inspired, earlier works include: Pas De Deux, The Dancer and Wire Dancer.

February 2011–

This month I have gotten the work Untitled Balance to a point where I can reveal an image of this sculpture.  This is a work in progress that is ongoing in the studio.

On prior occasions, I posted pictures of ongoing work in the studio.  As with those images, the following images of Untitled Balance do not reflect a completed sculpture, but rather will give you a feel for one of the pieces I am working on currently.

In prior postings of my work-in-progress you can see a slideshow of the anatomy of a wire sculpture as I deconstruct the sculpture titled Portrait de jeune homme [Portrait of a young man].  You can also see an earlier work-in-progress called Aurora Borealis.

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