Follow Me (Sep 2015)

Follow Me shows the evolution and replication of the elemental form into a collective organism; to wit, a school of fish.*   The shapes comprising this work, albeit simple in the manner of Three Piece Fish, come together to form a more complex group or school. This group acts almost as a single unit darting about in the water.  Also, note Follow Me’s more advanced eye and pupil structure as compared to the simple brass disc in Three Piece Fish.

As a mathematical concept (unbeknownst to me before this work), Follow Me is a tessellation as a dear friend explained to me. A tessellation is a flat surface design containing a repeating geometric pattern in which there are no gaps or overlaps. In this instance, however, Follow Me is not a drawing, but rather a 3-dimensional object representing a tessellation.  (An artist by the name of M. C. Escher made use of tessellations to great advantage.)

The school of fish in Follow Me is made of soldered stainless steel and brass all of which is mounted, at a single point, on a heavy brass base.

Follow Me, 2 x 28 x 35, stainless steel and brass on brass base (9/2015)

Follow Me,
2 x 28 x 35, stainless steel and brass on brass base (9/2015)

FullSizeRender (49)

Little Follow Me, 2 x 28 x 35, copper and brass (10/2015) Held in Private Collection

Click here to see the further evolution of the design in the image of Striped Tail Bottlenose, the work I donated to Crooked Tree Art Center in July 2016.

*/ I hasten to add that more than one person, whose judgments I trust, told me they see birds. I can dig that.