Sous Bois (Aug 2014)

Near our lake house in northern Michigan there are beautiful woods, the subject of my paintings in the past. This summer I hiked into a dense stand of trees until I found a break where the sun’s brilliant rays illuminated the leaves and ground. This is an oil painting on canvas measuring 11 x 16 unframed.  See the image of Sous Bois (which means literally “under the wood”) below.

Sous Bois, oil on canvas, 11 x 16 (unframed) - Aug 14

Sous Bois, oil on canvas, 11 x 16 (unframed)     Aug 2014

Click here to see my last painting for 2014, Cemetery Ally, completed late this fall when I should have been sculpting, but the day and scene were so warm and inviting I had to paint.

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