Perhaps I went alittle overboard with the videos, but I chalk it up to a 3D artist overcoming hurdles posed by 2D images. There are simply more dimensions to a sculpture than a 2D image can reveal, but a video shows my works’ kinetic and audible features.

So treat yourself to new views of new works and new views of old works. You may have seen images of the works below, but it’s likely you’ve never seen them move, or chime or do both.

Distant Bell Chimes — A new work this spring —

Butterfly Reflecting Pool — A new twist on a 2012 work —

Pas De Deux, The First — A work that dates back to 2009 —

Alighting — A new work this spring —

Of course, the Featured Work for the May 2013 blog is the Stratified Fountain. Click here if you have yet to view the video of the fountain.

1 Response to Videos

  1. Kathleen Braun says:

    really impressive! the volume of work you do is awesome and quality!!!!!!!

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