La Nue I [Nude I] (Feb 2011)

This month’s Recent Work is La Nue I [Nude I] which is made from heavy copper tubing that is nine feet long.  The sculpture stands 5 feet tall including the base.  The copper portion of the sculpture is about 16 x 16 x 26 inches.

This sculpture has such a wonderfully glinting liveliness that it was appropriate to mount it in the sculpture garden as the first bloom of this spring-like weather. As with any blossom, this sculpture is very complex given its numerous–and strikingly different–appearances.

In fact, it seems there are as many differing appearances as there are angles from which to view this work. The ultimate treat of such a sculpture is its seemingly organic nature evident in an ever-changing shape.

See below . . . is this one sculpture or several?

There are 8 images here. Take control of the slideshow by letting your cursor hover over the slide:  forward-back-pause-play.

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Next in My Recent Work is Pas de deux [Dance for Two].

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