Sneak Peaks of Stainless Steel Fountains . . . coming this spring!

I’ve said before that I thoroughly enjoy working with stainless steel. Now, I am realizing its great potential for outdoor fountain installations.  None has been completed but you can see some images of mock-ups that I am working on for the spring season and our return to the patio.

The first one is a trompe l’oeil work that is intended to “fool the eye”. This fountain will be a seemingly unsupported vertical shaft of water spilling into the fountain pool. The second, The Horn Fountain, will have water pouring from each side of this massive stainless piece. It weighs about 30 pounds alone. The last is a sketch of a stainless fountain whose legs serve as the feed to the top pool and as the exit path of the water, if that makes sense.

Thanks very much for your interest in my work.  When I get some more completed, you’ll be the first to know. To see my body of work that preceded these new pieces, please click here to go back to the Home Page and run through the menus.

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