New Work For New York–December 2014

Originally, I intended to take my butterfly series to the Pleiades Gallery show, but stainless steel is the predominant material in these works. Stainless is cold and given the chill of the winter season, I reconsidered this choice. Instead, I made all new sculptures–warmer and more colorful–for the holiday show.

In addition to these four new works, my sculpture titled, Fish, will also be at the New York gallery.  In September Fish won a juror’s choice award at the New Hope Arts juried member show (Sep 2014).  Ellen Bradshaw, President of the Pleiades Gallery and curator of that September show at New Hope Arts, selected Fish for the award. As a result, I was invited to exhibit at Pleiades.  [Read about that New Hope Arts show and see Fish by clicking here.] 

Since Fish got me to the Pleiades Gallery, I guess it’s fair to say that Fish spawned all the new work below. This is fitting indeed, because two of the new works are fish!

. . . and here they are:

Exotic Fish 

Vertical Fish 


Love . . . 

Also, there are two new oil paintings, Sous Bois and Cemetery Ally, for you to view. These are not in the New York show however.



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