Love . . . (Dec 2014)

Love . . . what can you say about love?

Well, in this case:    Love . . . despite many twists and turns, is endless if true!

Love . . . is made of forged copper mounted on a solid brass rod which is set in a walnut base attached to heavy steel plates sitting on three hefty steel balls for feet. In total the sculpture measures 6 x 6 x 50.

I fashioned this shape in copper on earlier occasions, and I think it is the devil to work with the metal because it is so reactive, soft and sensitive. It is easily dinged, nicked, discolored and scratched. Therefore, to get the warm afterglow you see in the images below requires a lot of foreplay, if you get my drift.

Nevertheless, I think all the effort is well worth it … as with most foreplay! I wasn’t going to make this piece, but my 96 year-old father insisted I do it for this New York show. He was certainly right and I thank him very much for that. Now, this work will help usher in the 2015 season at the New Hope Arts exhibition.

In the mounting and presentation of Love . . . I was inspired by my visit to NYC and the Pleiades Gallery this past October. The sculpture’s tall bearing and skyward-reaching pedestal is not unlike New York’s architecture with a bit of adornment atop to boot!

See below images of Love . . .  It never ceases to delight me how many different images, shapes and designs this work presents.

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If you want to see Exotic Fish, the last of the 3 works that were in New York and New Hope, click here.

Also, although they are not going to New York, two new oil paintings completed in the past few months can be viewed. Click here to see Sous Bois and Cemetery Ally.

Thanks, Tom

Dec 2014


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