More Hay Bales (Aug 2013)

Once again this past summer I set out to paint the countryside near our lake house in northern Michigan. And once again the landscape did not fail to captivate and inspire.

This past August, on the 1st anniversary of my first oil painting (The Last Bales) I chose to paint a field with hundreds of hay bales. Unlike the first time I painted, these hay bales were there when I finished. (Before I completed painting The Last Bales in 2012, the farmer arrived and loaded the bales on a truck.  As he was leaving, he apologized for taking them away.)

More Hay Bales (8/13) [18 x 36, oil]

More Hay Bales (8/13)
[18 x 36, oil]

Click here to see White Pines  (oil on canvas)  my next new work.

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