Discussed here are issues on sketching, my technique and theory . . . also, there is a new piece on Unintended, but happy, outcomes . . .

Former discussed issues on commissioned artwork . . . and
on naming a sculpture . . . are available by clicking on the link.

And likely there will be future topics:

  • On winter . . . it’s over and won’t be back for 7 months so forget it . . .
  • On where the inspiration for certain sculptures came from . . .
  • On letting the medium speak . . .
  • On test pieces that become sculptures . . .

1 Response to Meanderings

  1. bj smith says:

    I’ve admired your work & your website is great! It was a very enjoyable trip around the site. I still see a great deal of the young man I knew in high school. I’ll be back for another visit.
    Take care

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