Donated Artwork and Website Redesign

Hello Today and here’s the News–

Donated Artwork:

In July 2016 I donated two of my works to the Crooked Tree Art Center (CTAC) in Petoskey, near our summer home on Walloon Lake. (The local art scene around here is a happening place and I am happy to support it.) These works, along with many donated by other artists, serve as the basis of the CTAC’s annual D’Art for Art fund raiser.  Art patrons pay to attend a delightful dinner and wine tasting evening.  At the appointed hour each table of patrons gets to “D’Art” for the artwork they desire.

The two works I donated can be seen in the side bars to the right. These two works plus all the artists’ contributions are very smartly displayed in the 2016 D’Art for Art catalog.

Website Re-Design 

I redesigned my website to categorize my works into several series. The subject matter of which–dancers, butterflies, fish, trees etc.–inspires my creations more often than not. For this reason, all works that are part of these categories are identified on the new pages I made to signify the series.

You can begin a tour of the works in each of these series by clicking here on the Works in a Series

I hope you enjoy the tour of my site and the images of my work.

Best regards, Tom Martin


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1 Response to Donated Artwork and Website Redesign

  1. Peter Martin says:

    Cool! Let’s talk more about this when we can!

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