Pas De Deux, The First

This sculpture (and video) date back to 2009. The work has a delicately balanced set of lightweight stainless steel rods. These curved rods spin on a pivot point that is set in the aluminum shaft which in turn is mounted on an aluminum base. The work exhibits very gentle movements as the breeze blows.

View the video of this piece. Can you tell I hired Marcello Mastroianni to do the voice over in the clip?  Click here to view this work and hear Marcello!

N.B.  In 2011 I made another sculpture titled Pas De Deux. A dear friend suggested it be titled Pas De Deux, II  but the sound of this in French was more than I could bear! Hence, that work is Pas De Deux and the earlier work shown in the video is titled Pas De Deux, The First.

The 2011 Pas De Deux can be seen by clicking here.

Click here to return to the New Sculpture Video page.

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