New For Spring!

Winter is gone and Spring cloaks us in fresh blooms, green leaves and delicious scents . . .  outdoor living beckons.

Thus, all my new, non-painting works are destined for sculpture gardens, patios or other outdoor spaces. Apropos of that, my first ever fountain is this post’s Featured Work.  Installed on our patio, this work titled, Stratified Fountain, is pictured at the right. Your introduction, however, comes in a first-ever feature on this website: The artist-narrated video. Click here to see, hear and enjoy the Stratified Fountain in action.

In fact, I’ve added a new page titled New Sculpture Videos. This page contains several new sculpture videos of new and old sculptures as they move, make sounds or do both. The videos are all short in duration with none longer than a minute.

Finally, there are a couple of new paintings in the Painting Gallery. Click on these links to see the paintings titled Sunflowers and Chanticleer Fountain each of which was completed in the past few months.

Thank you for visiting my website and as always I welcome your comments and observations. You can get to each of the above-described pages by clicking on them below.

Featured Work –  A Stratified Fountain

New Sculpture Videos 

Paintings – Sunflowers 

Paintings – Chanticleer Fountain. N.B. This is not my fountain. Rather, it is a painting of a fountain located at Chanticleer Foundation Gardens in Wayne PA.

Thanks, Tom

May 2013

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