Poppies II (Jul 2015)

As I mentioned earlier, we arrived Up North in late May 2015 to our second spring season and the most glorious blooms of this spring lay ahead. When the poppies emerge Up North, heads turn. I got the opportunity to paint these stately blooming beauties on three occasions.  What you see below is a giant poppy field easily containing hundreds of blooming poppies.

This poppy field stands at an intersection of country roads barely a 100 meters east of Walloon Lake and about two miles south of our cottage. While this intersection is not busy by any stretch of the imagination, over the course of three hours painting the passage of several persons on foot, on bicycles or in cars is guaranteed.

During my painting session, among the several observers of my work was a dear woman with her daughter in tow. She asked if she could purchase the painting, albeit unfinished, for her daughter’s birthday. I was flattered but she thought the price outside her range and the sale never materialized. This work sold shortly after our return from Michigan and Poppies II is now held in a private collection.

Poppies II, 11 x 14, oil on canvas (7/2015) -- Private Collection

Poppies II,
11 x 14, oil on canvas (7/2015) — Private Collection

Click here to see an image of Poppies I my first poppy painting.