Sculpted Arborvitae (Nov 2012)

We live smack in the middle of where the Revolutionary War Battle of the Brandywine (a.k.a. Battle for Philadelphia) was fought in September 1777. A cemetery from that period is quite near our home. (In fact, it sits on the high ground that Gen. Washington assumed to avoid being outflanked by the Brits–to no avail, however, as he lost the battle anyway!) The cemetery is filled with old trees and plantings some of which must date back to colonial times. 

The stately old arborvitae pictured here are only about 50 years old but they tower majestically over the landscape. They became so large that the cemetery caretaker trimmed the lower branches to allow for pedestrian and vehicle passage along the narrow lanes of this beautiful and peaceful cemetery. I painted these trees out of respect for their faithful, year-round beauty. (Somehow I can’t bring myself to paint the grave markers and monuments so they are absent.)

Sculpted Arborvitae (11/2012)

Sculpted Arborvitae (11/2012)

In the same cemetery, near the arborvitae, is a tranquil scene otherwise made riotous by the two brilliant and fiery red maple trees flaunting their autumn finery.  To see The Trellis click here.

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