Dragonfly (July 2013) stainless steel

. . . and sometimes the material simply presents itself, such as this bunch of thin stainless steel wires did, ready to be worked. I got this bundle of thin stainless steel wire from the scrap metal yard where I shop frequently. I removed about 15 or 20 strands from the bundle to practice a welding technique (which by the way failed). I discovered though how remarkably and wonderfully symmetric these bent and silver-soldered wires could appear.

I intended to make a balloon shape with each wire being a vertical strut in a shape not unlike a hot air balloon. This too failed but, lo and behold, the essence of Dragonfly appeared before me. After a few strategic bends to align the wings and wire wrappings to distinguish thorax, abdomen etc., viola! Behold Dragonfly,  which is about 18 inches long and two feet wide. 

Dragonfly (July 2013)

Dragonfly (July 2013)

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