On unintended, but happy, outcomes . . .

The story behind Quandary II.

Sometimes when I see a piece of metal, usually sizeable and especially copper, I see a sculpture.  Rather, perhaps what I see is sculpture potential because it quite possible that what I first envision is far from what comes ultimately to life.  Such is the case of Quandary II.  [See below both Quandary II and the first Quandary.]

The copper used in Quandary II came from a scrap metal yard that I frequent and for which, if I do say so myself, I am good customer.  Cash on the barrelhead.  The copper was clearly intended for scrap as it was crushed and scrunched up in ball.  As near as I can tell it is about 12 feet long and weighs about 25 pounds.

I struggled to untangle the copper from the crushed ball I brought home.  After considerable effort to free it, I was able to suspend the metal on a steel rod held fast in a large vise.  I saw immediately an image of a swirling spirit and decided to mount the copper on one of my frequently used heavy 8×8 cedar plinths.  Once I got it positioned on the plinth, however, an entirely new image emerged.  That image is mimicked by me in the image of Quandary II and Artist.

To be sure, this was an unintended but welcome and happy outcome!  Several views of Quandary II can be seen by clicking here.

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