First Acrylic Painting (Jan 2012)

In November 2011, I wrote about our trip to Santa Fe last fall.  Outside our casita north of Santa Fe we were treated to a lovely scene.  Extremely tall cottonwood trees showing off their brilliantly golden fall foliage.  It was a scene that I vowed to paint and I did.  You can see an image of the original scene in the slideshow below . . . also in that slideshow is my impression of the vista, with license taken of course. I applied the acrylics in heavy layers in the style of impasto. I suspect a recent visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art van Gogh exhibit is the inspiration for this thick paint application. I look forward to creating many more studies of this magical scene. (On a lark, I included an image of my painter’s palette after this first painting.  The palette is a lid from a case of wine!)

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3 Responses to First Acrylic Painting (Jan 2012)

  1. Malsy says:

    Uncle Tom! Carey and I are really loving the brushy strokes and thick impasto style!! More on the way?!

  2. Kathleen Braun says:

    Tom. you ARE a painter as well!!!!!!!

  3. Kathleen Braun says:

    Love it!

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