on commissioned artwork . . .

Although I’ve had just a few of them, so far, commissioned works are far more challenging than the sculptures I am inspired to design and create spontaneously. Of course, a commissioned work must have an inspired design, but this alone is not enough. In addition, it is essential that the sculpture fit — literally and aesthetically — into the space where the patron wants it. Finally, it is crucial that the commission conveys the theme, or themes, that the artist and patron embrace.

Now, to this mix I add the following:  It is paramount that the patron understand, acknowledge and accept the process described above. This has been the case to date.

I believe balancing these interests is a delicate and demanding, if not elusive, task. But, once this balance is achieved and the commissioned sculpture is created and accepted, the perfect intersection of design, space and theme is so powerful and gratifying that any prior angst vanishes.


2 Responses to on commissioned artwork . . .

  1. Mary Rees says:

    I thought our process worked well with the sculpture I commissioned for Jim…especially the artist’s license to remove the Joe. Your site is looking great. Mary

  2. John Diffey says:


    A beautiful website–congratulations to you, and to Peter. It really shows off your work beautifully and it gives your audiences opportunities to walk through your gallery at individualized paces!

    . . .


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