Painting Gallery Opens . . . and some new sculpture to boot!

Since my son Peter gave me the bare bones of this website two years ago, I added over 600 images and posted more than 60 pages of sculpture projects, discussions and images. Never, however, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would create and post a page titled Painting Gallery . . . then I discovered the thrill of oil painting.

In the past year I painted 11 pictures; all are exhibited here. 10 of these paintings are oils and were painted in the past four months.  Since August 2012, I painted these scenes ranging from northern Michigan hay bales, fields and lakes to southern Chester County, Pennsylvania country roads and landscapes.

I did paint one picture, my first, using acrylics, but that’s my one and only acrylic painting.  This acrylic was painted in January 2012 from memory and the aid of a photographic image. All of my other paintings are in oils, however, and were painted plein air–with the exception of the self-portrait. 

So, I welcome you to the inaugural exhibition of my paintings. Click here to go directly to the Paintings Gallery.

I’ve also created some new sculptures.  To the right is a work titled, Legs, which was a last minute submission to the Exits Exhibition this past month at the Chester County Art Association. I think you can see how this work fit the theme.

Also, you can see to the right an image of a maquette, or model, of a walnut and plate glass coffee table. This is a work still on the drawing board, but I have a model and I hope to complete the table within the next year.

Thanks for coming to visit. I appreciate your interest, time and consideration of my work.

Best, Tom

Dec 2012

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