Recent Brandywine Festival Exhibition (Wilm DE) ~ Sept 2011

The 51st Annual Brandywine Festival of the Arts came to a close a couple of weeks ago, over the 9/11 weekend.  It was my second time exhibiting there and the venue once again did not disappoint.

A slideshow with images of my booth and work is posted here so you can take a virtual tour of my Brandywine set up.  [Click here to see the slideshow.] I exhibited a series of works in each of four media: forged steel, copper, polymer and a new area for me, wood. With each series I wanted to demonstrate my depth and skill in working that medium.

12 of the 16 pieces exhibited were new creations since the last Brandywine festival held in Sept 2010.  Included in these new works is a decade tribute to the 9/11 tragedy titled Tears of the Towers.  [Click to see image of Tears . . .] Another is a tribute to one of my favorite sculptors, the 19th century Romanian artist, Constantin Brancusi. [Click to see images of Brancusi Leg.]

Of the 16 pieces, I returned home with 14 and I am happy.  The unsold pieces are now reinstalled in the Martin Sculpture Garden and Collection. (In fact, our sculpture garden serves as the backdrop in most of the images of my work displayed on these pages.)

Finally, and also below, you can see a piece titled, Red II, that I created to test my ability to weld stainless steel.  This particular steel must be welded by a process called TIG [Tungsten Inert Gas]. Essentially, Argon gas circumscribes the electric arc and prevents the stainless steel from oxidizing during the welding operation.  Once you get the hang of it, welding stainless steel with the TIG is a dream.

Red II

Thanks, Tom

Sept 2011

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