Sketching and a new sculpture or two . . .

While attending the Immaculata Art Show this past weekend, I sat and sketched–always a tranquil experience for me.  This month’s banner is one of the sketches that developed and likely will become a sculpture titled, Flying Split.  Now, how to make it . . . but herein lies the joy of what I do.  Am thinking maybe hammered copper in relief and then mounted in a deep, shadow box frame . . . time will tell.

When I sketch I use a technique–and theory–that really helps me “see” the image and portray it. I go to some length to discuss this technique at Meanderings under On Sketching Technique.

. . .  and there are new sculptures

See to the left Quandary II and the artist and down below you’ll see a new wire sculpture, Bicycle.   Quandary II is the Featured Work this month and is the subject of some MeanderingsOn unintended, but happy, outcomes.

Hope you enjoy what you see. Let me know what you think. I always appreciate the feedback.

Stay tuned for word on new fountains and water sculptures.

Best, Tom

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