Verdant Spring … and Sculpture

Sarah and I are headed to the southwest later this year.   I believe it is this trip that prompted my revery to conjure images of the majestic Saguaro cactus.

Of course, my Saguaro is not 12 feet tall.  No, mine is more like a bonzai Saguaro!  It is made of forged steel and stands about 18 inches tall (and 48 inches on its plinth).  You can go straight to the slideshow of this sculpture by clicking here. Solvent dyes give the waxy green texture of the outside covering of the cactus and vertical channels represent the Saguaro’s exterior ridges running vertically along the succulent.

This sculpture also has base hieroglyphs [see slideshow for detail images] that I imagine as emblematic of the high arid plains and mountains where these cacti are found.   You can see a slideshow of this sculpture and its detail by clicking here.

*   *   *

Also, in the past week another new sculpture has emerged from the studio which you can see at the side bar.  Click through to New . . . in the studio to see the slideshow of this new work titled Le Plongeon Arrière [The Back Dive].


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1 Response to Verdant Spring … and Sculpture

  1. hwalker027 says:

    this is a really interesting piece. do you prefer to work on this scale? how is the figure attached to the plinth?

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