High in the 70s . . .

No, this is not a reference to my state of mind as a Tufts undergraduate in Boston circa 1972!  Rather, it is a reflection on last Friday’s spring-like temperatures.

Yes, with East Coast temps on Friday in the 70 degree range, fleeting snow sculptures made way for new, permanent pieces to blossom in our sculpture garden. So look to the right and see my new, featured work titled, La Nue I [Nude I], which is a copper sculpture about 5 feet tall now mounted under a pine tree in our sculpture garden.  In the coming days, I will post a slideshow that shows the evolution of this piece from raw material to finished sculpture. But for now you can see a slideshow of this sculpture’s many facets.

Plus, check out the addition to . . . in the studio with images of the new Untitled Balance sculpture.  Look to the right column for a peek.  See if you can determine how this piece is balanced.

Also, News on the Exhibitions front:

I received an offer of a solo show from the Curator of Art for the city of Wilmington, Delaware.  I accepted and after installation in late March my work will be exhibited for the entire month of April. The Exhibition will be part of Wilmington’s city-wide Art On the Town also know as Art Loop. My sculpture will be located in the lobby of the Louis L. Redding City/County Building, 800 French Street, Wilmington DE 19801.

Opening night for this show in Wilmington is Friday, April 1, 2011–April Fool’s Day. Please come out and join me and the other artists in Wilmington’s April Art Loop.  I am not a superstitious creature, but I do think it curious that, in eight times showing my work, there are:  Two dates occurring on Friday the 13th; two dates on 9/11; and, one date on April Fool’s Day!

This is uncanny good luck in my book and I hope to see you at 800 French Street in Wilmington DE on the first of April 2011.

Finally, for subscribers (thank you one and all) and users of my website, I have adopted security and privacy measures that are part of a Google Compliant Privacy Policy.  In addition, my website’s privacy policy incorporates by reference the WordPress.org Privacy Policy, which is also Google Compliant.  See my website’s complete Privacy Policy here.  So I hope you feel secure in subscribing to, and using, my site as this will allow you to see what new sculptures emerge from my studio from time to time.

Thanks very much for your support and encouragement.

Best, Tom


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