What’s new . . .

I am posting this notice to aid in site navigation and generate interest of course.

I will try to display some images of my new works in progress via a weekly post on the front page here.  From my body of work to what’s new in the studio, you can tour galleries of my existing sculptures or get a glimpse of some works in progress.  And you can read my reflections on the work I do.

Of course, there will always be meanderings that contain notions which I think are of some note.  These too I will try to post in weekly thoughts.

I would like to add a My Heroes page or a link with a rotating gallery of favorite sculptors and images of their work.  Alberto Giacometti, August Rodin, Edgar Degas, Constantin Brancusi and Bernini among others are very special to me.

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1 Response to What’s new . . .

  1. Betty Blankenship says:

    You are not only an accomplished sculptor, but are also becoming a computer guru! I am enjoying seeing your work. When will you come to Charolotte with a showing?

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