Welcome to my passion

Thank you to my son, Peter, for creating and giving me the bones of this website for Christmas.  I am very grateful for this gift which is timely and needed to host the images of my sculpture. Every day since receiving this gift, I have worked and reworked the site. I fill it with my work, my thoughts and my process from sketches to recently completed work.

Now, I welcome friends and guests to visit with the hope that what you find is appealing and worthwhile.

Please let me know what you think of the layout, design and content as this work is an evolving creation.  Of course, feedback on my sculpture is equally appreciated.  Contact me.

–Tom Martin

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1 Response to Welcome to my passion

  1. Leigh M. says:

    Great job to Pete! Tom, your work is wonderful! I am feel the energy from each piece and see the hard work and passion you put in to each and every one! Best of luck with your website and let me know if you ever need any help or have questions about WordPress! Isn’t WordPress the BEST! Happy belated birthday too! 🙂


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